The Seedling Cart was designed by Bright Agrotech to simplify the germination process and maximize your results. Seeds germinate under very specific conditions, the closer you get to achieving those conditions, the better your crops will turn out.

Plus, if you can automate a lot of the routine tasks that are easy to neglect, then you can increase your success even further.

The are a number of benefits when germinating your seeds in an ideal environment:

  • Seeds germinate faster, and more uniformly
  • Increased growth rates in seedlings
  • Increased tolerance to infection & disease

Germinating is best achieved in a warm, and humid, but not wet, environment with lots of light. The easiest and most versatile way to provide your seedlings with optimal growing conditions is with a Seedling Cart.

We’ve modified the Bright Agrotech design with some additional components to make the system easier to maintain and operate in Edmonton.

The standard design uses a single 2’x4′ flood table, which provides enough space to germinate up to 96 seedlings – more than enough for a typical household.

The Seedling Cart can be upgraded to support a second flood table, doubling the capacity to 192 seedlings.

We will assemble the Seedling Cart and ensure that it works.


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