The ZipGrow vertical growing technology is ideal to learn how to grow food. It is easy to use, built to last, and takes up very little space. The Learn to Grow Kit comes with everything you need to grow leafy greens and herbs for 6 months. All you need to do is find a small area in your home to become your new indoor garden.

A single ZipGrow Tower is one of the easiest hydroponic techniques on the market to learn. It is the perfect starting point for a household, a classroom or a restaurant and is suitable for all ages, and all physical abilities.

  • 1 Vertical Tower
  • 1 Reservoir
  • Irrigation and Lighting
  • 6 months of supplies to grow food
  • Access to digital manuals and instructions
  • Professional Installation
  • First batch of seedlings FREE!
  • $3/month to operate

The Learn to Grow Kit can grow up to 10 plants at a time, and is ready to harvest within 5 weeks of transplanting. The Learn to Grow Kit is perfect for beginners, and when your food system expands to include a FarmWall or two, your standalone system works great to store towers near your kitchen.

Standalone systems also work well outside after the May long weekend to growing grasses or flowering plants to add a new dimension to your yard.

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