The Large Family Food System grows enough food for a large household, including pets and other animals. With 8-towers, you’ll grow more food than most normal people can eat, so this kit is great for foodies who love to eat raw food. The 8-tower FarmWall by Bright Agrotech allows you to grow up to 80 plants, which can produce upwards of 40 lbs. of fresh, living food every 5-6 weeks. We install the FarmWall and provide onsite training as well as online resources.

  • 8-tower FarmWall Kit
  • Complete Lighting Installation
  • 6 months of supplies to grow food
  • 30 minutes FREE training
  • Access to digital manuals and instructions
  • Professional Installation
  • First batch of seedlings FREE!
  • $35/month to operate

Due to the number of seedlings you need to germinate to populate your FarmWall, we highly recommend that you also purchase the Seedling Cart. The Seedling Cart enables you to germinate between 90-180 seedlings at a time, greatly improving your capacity to grow successfully with a steady supply of healthy, happy, and strong seedlings.

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