Grow Food Indoors ebook Cover

Grow Food Indoors ebook Cover

Grow Food Indoors

Grow Food Indoors is a complete course that walks you through the steps of building and operating your own indoor vertical garden so you can grow food year-round in your home.

The eBook version is an affordable way to get access to all the information presented in the Workshop and Online streams while allowing you to work at your own pace.

The eBook covers the following topics:

  • Climate Change and Food Security
  • The Materials You Need and Where to Buy Them
  • Assembling your Indoor Garden
  • Basic Plant Anatomy and Function
  • A brief introduction to hydroponics
  • Microgreens
  • ZipGrow Towers
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Resources

The Grow Food Indoors course is designed for beginners and experienced gardeners that want access to a proven method to grow food indoors. The course uses the ZipGrow vertical tower because it is an innovative hydroponic technique that is taking urban agriculture by storm. ZipGrow towers were designed to be a maximally productive hydroponic technique while remaining easy for people to operate.

This course was designed and tested on a four-tower FarmWall. You can use many of the concepts in this course on different hydroponic techniques, however, to get the most out of the course you should use ZipGrow Towers. If you need to purchase a FarmWall kit, consider the Small Food System, the Medium Food System, or the Large Food System.

Included in the eBook are free copies of additional downloadable instructions:

  • DIY Grow Stand ($19)
  • DIY Irrigation System ($19)
  • Nutrient Calculator Spreadsheet ($9)
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