Classroom Systems

Everything you need to grow in your classroom.

Teachers need easy-to-use technologies that work inside busy classrooms.

Reconnecting children to food is central to fixing our food system.

At Eco Evolver we consider Food Security one of the most central issues to address as we transition to a sustainable society. The core principles of Food Security (Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability, Adequacy and Action) greatly determine the quality of our daily lives, especially the lives of young minds.

Already there are dozens of programs across Alberta and Canada dedicated to improving food security within schools, and by working together we can really turn things around.

The next step is to build the capacity of each school so that the teachers and students have access to real-world agriculture technologies that work, AND they are properly trained and guided through the process.

The Problem. Classrooms are busy and filled to the brim to support the students’ daily projects and activities. It is often difficult to find the space necessary to provide hands-on activities with plants, and, if you throw soil into the mix, the whole process can become daunting.

The Answer. A growing system that is clean and easy-to-use, small enough to move it out of the way when not required for teaching or maintenance purposes, small enough to fit through doors and safe enough that it can be mounted on wheels.

Hydroponic growing is ideal for classroom settings and it can be a powerful instructional tool.

The ZipGrow system is durable, well-designed, clean, productive and it can scale from 1-to-1000.

The Indoor Food Systems that we’ve put together are based on four factors:

  1. Easy to learn and easy to use
  2. High quality materials that last for years
  3. Maximum harvest per square foot
  4. Excellent learning platform

Our systems are built around the ZipGrow vertical growing technology developed by Dr. Nate Storey at Bright Agrotech.

Dr. Storey designed the ZipGrow tower to solve a number of problems with traditional indoor agricultural methods, and, as a result, they work superbly as a standalone unit all the way up to a large greenhouse installation.



ZipFarm System by Bright Agrotech. The next generation in indoor agriculture.

The ZipGrow tower is a hydroponic growing technology. That means there is no soil used to grow the plants, no mess, no pests, just edible food! These versatile towers work indoors and outside, and they can be run hydroponically and aquaponically.


ZipGrow Technology developed by Bright Agrotech.


If you’re just starting out, we highly recommend selecting the ZipGrow system not only because it works, but because Bright Agrotech is focused on supporting Upstart Farmers across North America plan, design, build, and operate successful farms.

We’re in this together. Join hundreds of others on the same journey as you, learning to grow food.

A system that works in busy classrooms

Our classroom systems are designed to be compact, mobile, easy to operate, and integrate into your students’ daily activities.

Just Add Seedlings

To make it even easier to get started, we provide your first batch of seedlings so that your students can enjoy the system from day 1.

Grow Each Day

Hydroponic growing methods are so effective, that you will see results everyday. Enjoy living food within 5 weeks.

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