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The Grow Food Indoors Blueprint

Ok, I just released the new Grow Food Indoors Blueprint for you… here’s the link to get your free download:

DOWNLOAD: the Grow Food Indoors Blueprint

If you’ve been considering growing food in your home then this new 13-page blueprint is definitely for you.

The blueprint goes over:

  • Where you can put an indoor garden.
  • Three common starting points for building your indoor garden and getting it operational.
  • Which type of garden I use and recommend to beginners.
  • How to upgrade your knowledge about plants and hydroponics.

I want to get everyone growing food in their homes and communities, and this blueprint provides a high-level overview of a proven method that is guaranteed to work. This is the process that I use and the process that I teach to others.

Let me know if you find this information helpful, I love hearing your success stories around urban agriculture and food security initiatives!



Emilio Gagliardi, MSc.
Founder // Instructor // Upstart Farmer

P.S. I’ll be releasing a video shortly where I’ll walk you through the entire mind map. In the meantime, you can grab the blueprint here:

DOWNLOAD: the Grow Food Indoors Blueprint


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