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become a force of nature.
The idea of growing your own food has crossed your mind more than once…

Prices Keep Going Up

Product Quality Is Going Down

There's Fewer Options

You Want Healthy & Safe Food

Start Growing Today.
Below are some packages that we’ve developed to make it easy to grow your own food.

Small Family Food Kit

A 2-tower FarmWall system (feeds 1-2 adults)
  • The ZipGrow vertical growing technology is ideal to learn how to grow food. It is easy to use, built to last, and takes up very little space. The Small Family Food Kit comes with everything you need to grow leafy greens and herbs for 6 months. All you need to do is find a small area in your home to become your new indoor garden.
  • 2-tower FarmWall (Wall-mounted or Floor-based)
  • Complete Lighting Installation
  • 6 months of supplies to grow food
  • First crop of Seedings FREE
  • 30 minutes FREE training
  • Installation
  • $6/month to operate

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